Sunday, April 4, 2010

Surprise Visit from You Know Who...

(no, not Lord Voldemort, though that would have been something to blog about)

While hunting for Easter Eggs*, my husband came across a special guest.   Can you spot him?

Does this help?

How about this:

I always pictured the Easter Bunny like something out of Beatrix Potter--cute little trousers and leather shoes.  Although, this lttle guy is about as cute as a wee baby animal can get--even if he isn't clothed.  

Scale note: that's a cinder block wall in the background.  The bunny would have fit in the palm of my hand.

Speaking of holding the bunny...The Rock said if I picked the bunny up, it would probably bite me.  I tried to get him to say he was joking and he wouldn't.  But I can't be sure he was being serious. baby bunnies bite?


*ok, we didn't have an easter egg hunt.  You should already know that, though, seeing as how the Easter candy doesn't go on clearance until tomorrow.   The Rock was actually going through a pile of old lumber at his parents' house.

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Megan said...

When I was little, our friends had a bunny farm, and I wanted to hold a bunny, and it scratched me all along the palm of my hand. It hurt so bad and no band-aid could make it feel better. After that I just succumbed to catching the bunnies that were always in our lavender bushes in terra cotta pots. :)