Wednesday, April 21, 2010

He's Not a Pirate

The Rock's high school mascot is a Marauder.

 The Rock in his Marauder shirt after a bike ride.  
Note that I am lounging in the truck, sneaking this picture of 
him through the backseat window

When we feel like arguing, we choose as our theme: Marauders are/are not the same as pirates. 

This is a fun subject for discussion because it's mostly irrelevant but lends itself to statements that can be said with great conviction and fervor, not to mention a pretty high coolness factor because like ninjas, pirates are cool guys to talk about.

But, since we don't usually feel like arguing, quite a long time lapses between the mention of the Marauder mascot, and I forget that it even exists.

So the other day The Rock did something, I don't remember what, maybe he ate the last of the Easter candy or made a snide comment about how I kick him when I'm sleeping--whatever it was, I replied that he only thought/said such things because he was a no good pirate.

Instead of laughing as I expected, he gave me a very serious look and said, "No.  I am a marauder."


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