Tuesday, April 20, 2010

110 Dozen Doughnuts

A group in town did a fundraiser last week by selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  This was a fantastic plan for many reasons, most of which are along the lines of, "Krispy Kreme doughnuts are yummy and taste good and make my tummy happy."  But another one of the Good Reasons to engage in this fundraiser was that it meant I got to go and pick up all the doughnuts.

See how prettily they stacked in the back of my car?

(No, that's not all 110 dozen, the rest are in my trunk.)

All the way home I kept hoping that if I were going to be pulled over by a cop, that day would be the day.  Because s/he would come to my window and I would politely say, "Hello Officer.  Would you care for a doughnut?"

And if the officer had any kind of sense of humor we would have had a good chuckle.  And if not, well, I had plenty of consolation doughnuts to eat all the rest of the way home. 

Win-win situation if there ever was one.


Megan said...

I guess neat little boxes do look better than big black bags...

Anonymous said...

Yah, and big black bags won't go over as well with the police officer. Loo: "No, HONEST, they're full of donuts"


jendoop said...

How did you actually make it to your destination? I would have been overcome with Krispy Kreme fumes- they would have found me late that afternoon wandering the streets in a donut coma.