Monday, April 19, 2010

Sneaky Snakes

Spring in the desert brings me mixed emotions.

Warmth: hoorah!
Longer daylight hours: Yeehaw!
Wildflowers and gardens: Yes please.

Bugs: too many and blech.
Gnats: Why must your death wish involve flying into my mouth or nose?
Snakes: Why do I never seem to see you?

This little lovely was slithering along the road (or patch of sand, if we're being accurate) we were driving on.

A smaller rattler was on the path we were walking on later that day.  I walked right by Mr. Snakey, didn't even see it.  In fact, at the time, I was congratulating myself on how alert I was being.  The Rock seemed a tad incredulous that I'd just walked by it and not warned the rest of our party.  He said, "Did you not even see that?"  At that point I still didn't know that there even was a snake, but the tone of his voice clued me in.

So that stuff about rattlers warning people and all...not always true.  --Lu

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jendoop said...

This is the problem with snakes, they surprise you. If they hopped like bunnies the motion would catch your eye and you'd steer clear. But no, they're doing their sneaky thing and then you almost step on them or put your hand on them when you're gardening!