Friday, April 30, 2010

Something's Different

In the desert, flowers are popping up like...well, like wildflowers.

And over here at the ol' blog, I've been tweaking things little bit (or a lot).

The Bling Out Your Blog class really gave me some useful and fun information, as you can see.

Because Moo is a Real Artist and actually gets paid to do artistic things, and because she is a busy person, the blog currently reflects my doodly style instead of her amazing skills (check out her art by clicking the link at the top of the page).

You'll probably see other changes around here, now that I'm getting a better handle on how to make backgrounds, edit html, and lots of other things that will make our blog even more personalized and all around Better.

If some of the changes are particularly good: let us know. If something really isn't working: let us know.

And if you want to score some of these mad skills for yourself, be sure to check in on this web site to find out when the next class is.


jendoop said...

I took a gander at Moo's Real Art (notice the capital letters, because it's a big deal). It is so great! Love the blog, it looks great, reflects more of your personalities.

What would a person, maybe someone like me, have to do to get a cute little caricature like yours for their blog?

Lu and Moo said...

I'm sure something could be arranged...let me consult with the powers that be (aka Moo).