Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Planted a Garden

Follow the white arrows below to see the beginning of the end of my flower bed.

Those dark circle indents, the ones those arrows are pointing to... are none other than javelina tracks.  Aka snorty, nasty piggy tracks.  In my freshly sown flower bed.  The small green plants already sprouting are sunflowers, but just 2 days ago I planted zinnia seeds...right where the piglet walked.  Grrr.

Which validates all the effort The Rock put into fencing off our backyard.  I can only imagine that Mrs. Pig would love nothing more than to forage in our well stocked garden mid- summer.  At least the sunflowers seem to be unappetizing to them right now.  Though, I wonder if that will change?  Do javelinas eat sunflower seeds like all other good hillbillies?

Speaking of the backyard: our garden is finally planted.  Though it's not much to look at right now.  Mostly, you would say it looks like a plot of dirt with a few very scraggly weeds.  Let me tell you about seedlings:  if they get enough light, they are a wonder!  and a money saver.  If they don't get enough light--they look like very scraggly weeds.

But, we here in The FP aren't ones to give up easily!  No!  We planted the seedlings in spite of their stunted growth in hopes that they will rally. 

We have prior experience with hanging in there with scraggly looking things (take me for instance. Naw, just kidding.)  Take my chives.  They were nothing more than sickly looking blades of grass.  And then there were baby bugs crawling all over them and their dirt...it was sort of gross.  So this winter, we left them well enough alone in their wee little pot on our front stoop.  (mostly thinking that we'd use the pot for something else come spring)

But, lo and behold!  They did rally, to the utter surprise of us all.

here are the happy chives very much in bloom.  I hope piglets don't like chives.  Because I do.

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