Friday, April 23, 2010

Vanishing Cream

Now THIS backs the "Potions for Muggles" part of Henley's Twentieth Century Formulas Processes and Trade Secrets. Ladies and Gents-- really, truly Vanishing Cream: 

(Being a cream, a skin softener and a powder, combined in one.)
Precipitated chalk.....1 part
Glycerine..................1 part
Zinc sterate...............1 part
Oil rose geranium.....sufficient

The powders are first to be intimately mixed together. The glycerine is to be diluted with an equal amount of water and the whole rubbed together most thoroughly. While the rubbing is being done, the perfume is to be added, gradually, a little at a time. Eight drops of oil rose geranium to each three ounces of the cream is the proper amount of perfume to use. (pg. 248)

Stay tuned for:
"Eucalyptus Bonbons for Colds and Coughs"
"Berge's Blasting Powder"
"Theater Rouge"
"Coloring Electric-Light Bulbs and Globes"

Comment suggestion: leave us the possible instructions and guarantees that would follow this recipe if it really were
honest-to-goodness vanishing cream.

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Lu and Moo said...

I love intimate mixing.