Sunday, May 9, 2010

Houseguest and a Joke for Mother's Day

My house guest for the next few days is:

As you can see, even a menial task like cutting up a watermelon provides him with an opportunity for expressing his creativity.  He's great fun to have around because he doesn't mind helping me out--so we chopped up 2 watermelons, 4 mangos, 1 pineapple, and 4 cartons of strawberries. We're making some killer smoothies later today! Woo hoo.

He also has a dorky sense of humor, e.g.: 
Aaron: Lu!  You missed Star Wars Day!
Me: What?
Aaron: Yeah, May 4th.
Me: Oh.
Aaron: You know, May the fourth be with you

yuk. yuk.

A few weeks ago Aaron went to a bike junk store called The Bike Guy in Rye (actually, it's called All Bikes, but if we could rename it you know what it would be).

He brought back a sweet vintage bike that he's in the process of restoring AND some cool photos. Here they are:

love the trike on the hood of the amphibious car

do you see that really old bike behind the bars?  I want one of those.

I love the composition of this one

We decided this bike shop would make a great backdrop for a photoshoot.  Road trip anyone?

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