Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thirtieth Birthday Party Part Uno

Ok people. This is serious business.

Someday in the next two years I turn 30.
My philosophy about turning 30 is this: Do it in style! BIG FUN STYLE.

You think I'm joking?
I'm not.
I've been warning The Rock about my 30th for a few years now already. Because, the party is going to be BIG.

I find the best way to get myself to follow through with crazy schemes is to tell a lot of people, and then I start to feel sort of committed. (Ok, that's not really what I usually do because I'm not big on actually following through on my crazy schemes). But, this time, I sort of got carried away with joking about my 30th birthday, and now it's sort of catching on. You know, becoming a community joke.

At first I would just say that I was having a big bash and a week long celebration. Maybe renting a dancehall or something. And I definitely told The Rock I was flying some friends out for the week (see, it is going to be BIG, or at least, EXPENSIVE.)

But, then one day (and I don't remember now exactly it came about) it occurred to me that I wanted an elephant at my party. An elephant for me and guests to ride.  AND! Get this, the elephant will be wearing, no, not a party hat...It will be wearing a feather on its head.

And lest you think that's cruel of me to ask that of the elephant, I'll be wearing one too. 

The problem with telling people you want an elephant at your party is that they take you seriously. (well, maybe they took me seriously because when they laughed at the idea I told them, "Hey! I'm being serious over here." I don't know.)  And now they're sort of shaking their heads, not just because I want an elephant, but because they think (at least a little part of them thinks) that I'm actually going to do it.  Which is probably true.

But, there are two big hurdles:
1. I don't know the first thing about renting elephants for birthday parties.
2. I live in a little tiny meensy beensy town in the middle of a forsaken desert.

In good news, though, I have two whole years to get this sorted out.

And while this is spiraling madly out of control, it is sort of fun. So I thought I'd let you in on it too.

Whew.  This party is gonna rock.  Beware, though, I'll probably post about it again sometime soon, because, you know, some serious planning needs to be done.


Frau Magister said...

Wow, all I'm getting for my 30th is an accordion. I was obviously not thinking on a large enough scale.

Lu and Moo said...

How's about you and your accordion come to my thirtieth and I'll share my elephant if you'll serenade me with your accordion?

Emilee said...

You could have a destination party where elephants are easily rented or found in the wild like India or Africa. Or you could have a destination party to the San Diego zoo!! Even better! Tons of elephants to ride! Well, come to think of it, the San Diego Zoo probably wouldn't let you ride their precious pachyderm. Perhaps a traveling circus?! This is exciting!

Frau Magister said...

Lol - sure, I'll come - maybe I'll even learned how to play it by then!

Carrie Nation said...

I just want to be there. Sounds spiffy.

I hope to have a cool party someday. Something cooler than 101 Dalmatians.

Amy said...

I am so there.

Lu and Moo said...

Destination party! Why hadn't that occurred to me sooner? This is going to be REALLY BIG! Good thing I've got two years to plan it.